When is the best time to start the Group Program?

The very best time to start the Program would be a few weeks (or more) before starting an IVF cycle as this will give you the best preparation for your journey ahead.

Got a cycle coming up? It’s OK to start the Program any time before your egg collection. You’ll be grateful for the excellent techniques and strategies you’ll learn that will help get you through the tough weeks between the egg collection and the pregnancy test.

How will the Program help me deal with stress, anxiety and infertility?

The Program will teach you simple strategies and relaxation techniques that will help you better deal with the stress and anxiety of infertility and the experience of going through IVF. You will also learn the science behind how your body reacts to stress so that you’ll be better placed to control it. 

Will I have to share my personal information about my IVF journey with the group?

No. There is a lot of supportive interaction in the group where you might share common thoughts and feelings, but there is no expectation to reveal any personal information with the group.

How much does it cost?

The Conceiving Mind Program costs $385.00.

This fee includes:

  • A 20-minute phone consultation with Donna
  • Two sessions of 2.5 hours each with a small group of women
  • A workbook
  • Six MP3 tracks to download and use every day and throughout the stages of IVF.

Register for the Program.

Can I speak to someone before attending the program?

Yes! As part of The Conceiving Mind Program, Donna will call you for a 20-minute chat before you’ll attend the first of two Program sessions. Once you’ve booked in and paid for the Program, you’ll receive a login and password to the membership area of this website where you can book a time that suits you for the phone call.

What if I have a question before booking in and paying?

Sure, please go to our Contact page and fill in our enquiry form. Donna will reply promptly to your questions.

Where is it held?

The face-to-face Conceiving Mind Program is held at:
Cato Room 2, Level 2 (Bridge Road Entrance)
Epworth Hospital
89 Bridge Road
Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria

What if I become pregnant before starting the program?

Fantastic! You will receive a full refund if you notify us five days or more before your Program was due to commence.

If you've done the first session and you become pregnant, it’s still worth continuing with the second session as we will cover dealing with the stress of the early weeks of pregnancy.

Can my partner come along?

No. The program doesn't support couples at this stage, even though we know our partners are affected by infertility and its treatments. It is designed just for women going through IVF treatment.

I have been diagnosed with infertility but at this stage I do not require IVF, can I join the program?

The Conceiving Mind Program is specifically tailored for IVF and its stages. However, if you are having fertility challenges that don’t require IVF, or you can’t get to the face-to-face program, please check out our 'Mind-Body Health at Home' Package' – it’s an eBook to help you with your fertility mindset and the three MP3 tracks providing guided meditation for fertility.

I already have a child but I'm struggling to conceive another, can I join the program?

Yes, the Program supports primary infertility as well as secondary infertility.


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