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The Conceiving Mind-Body Health at Home Package


The package includes:

  • An eBook that will teach you the science behind managing your stress levels and will show you practical strategies for controlling your stress while going through a natural or assisted cycle and enduring the 2-week wait
  • Three guided meditation MP3 tracks to use in preparation for and during your cycle as well as the early weeks of pregnancy.
  • Tracks are guided meditation for overall relaxation, optimising fertility and preparing your body for pregnancy 

Price: $39.99



Product Description

When I was struggling to conceive, the intense desire to have a baby and the very real fear that it might not happen made my stress levels soar. I didn’t know how to control those sometimes overwhelming thoughts and emotions. And as much as I sometimes wanted to, I couldn’t shut myself off completely from the outside world. I still had to go to work, had family commitments and had to take care of life’s other responsibilities.

But I found a better way to handle living with infertility.

Learn to control your stress during infertility or your path toward parenthood

I created The Conceiving Mind so I could help others learn the same tools and techniques I learnt that helped me manage my stress levels and feel calmer during the challenges of IVF.

Learning some simple strategies and techniques before going into a natural or assisted cycle and applying them each step of the way can give you a brilliant foundation for managing your ongoing worry, stress and anxiety. The Conceiving Mind-Body Health at Home Package can give you that foundation.

The skills you learn can also be invaluable for the early weeks of pregnancy, especially if you have a history of recurrent miscarriage or loss.

A scientific approach to the mind-body connection

The Conceiving Mind-Body Health at Home Package not only gives you the tools to manage your stress, but delves into the scientific information and research behind The Conceiving Mind to help you understand the role our central nervous system plays during times of stress. By understanding how your body works, and paired with some simple techniques like guided meditation, you’ll have a much better foundation for managing your stress.

The Package also gives you practical tips for surviving the two-week wait after ovulation (either natural or assisted), Intra-uterine insemination or embryo transfer.

All of the strategies and techniques provided in the eBook can be used for a natural or assisted cycle.

Being prepared for the challenge of infertility or IVF lessens its impact on you, your partner and your everyday life.